Tuesday, September 27, 2011

OKCMQG's State Fair Booth!

We had a great time at the State Fair today.  Our booth looked beautiful and Angela and Erin had a lot of fun catching up and hanging out as we watched the booth.  We walked around and saw the quilts that had been entered in the competition.  We think we should enter a modern quilt next year to be judged.  Could be fun right?  We saw the Bernina and Janome booths.  I had a pretzel and Angela had a cherry strudel.  I think she made the better choice!  We had a lot of fun and will do it again next year if we get asked back.  Next year we plan to bring our sewing machines so we can sew and work on projects while we watch our booth.  We had a small number of people pass by and take flyers.  Our favorites were a 12-year-old girl that has been making quilts from the age of eight and a wonderful older lady that hand pieced and stitched a queen quilt made up of tiny hexagons.  We had a lot of people ask if we would take quilt orders but we said no because we were really there just to promote the group and we are all too busy!  All in all Angela and I are glad we set up a booth at the State Fair this year.  We are very thankful to Jenny for inviting us and to Rozz for carting us in on her golf cart.  Thanks ladies!  Hope to see you all next year at the fair!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More progress on quilt

The habitat challenge quilt is coming along. The top is ready and looks great! I love they way the back is looking too. ~Erin

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Habitat Challenge Quilt Progress

Picking out some nice Kona solids for the challenge

We chose to make an X & + Block for our quilt.  
Here are a few blocks and below all the blocks!

This is the quilt top.  It turned out SO great ladies!
It's a crazy quilt for sure but I am amazed it actually looks good.  
We had 13 ladies of the group make 4-6 blocks each.  
We love how each block is unique and the solids everyone chose to use were different too.  

This is what the back will look like.  I still have to cut, sew, iron, repeat.  
Then I have to pin, pin, pin, repeat.  
Then I have to quilt, quilt, quilt.  
(Anyone want to come by and help out?) 
For the back we were thinking filmstrip down the back.  Then maybe Kona Medium gray for the back. But I noticed in my stash I didn't have enough of any of my kona grays.  So, Stephanie and I decided to use three!  We then needed to make the filmstrip wide enough to have the back be big enough for the quilt top.  So, I had the idea of adding a coordinating solid to either side of our habitat fabrics.  The letters will be out of 9 habitat fabrics and I will applique them onto the gray backing.  The font we picked was the one everyone voted yes on.  For the binding we picked the "drop cloth" fabric along the right side of the quilt.  I will look really cool and different as it goes around the quilt edge.  I CAN NOT wait to finish this quilt.  Because I really want to have it ready for the fair and I really want to see it finished to enjoy it!  
Question: Any suggestions on a quilting pattern?  I was thinking of stitching along some diagonal lines like a lattice design.  Any other ideas ladies???  Email me (ouerin@yahoo.com) or the group (okcmqg@gmail.com).  Thanks!!!!!

BIG THANK YOU to all the wonderful ladies that wanted to design and sew the habitat blocks!  
They all look AWESOME!  :)

Our flyer to pass out at the STATE FAIR this year!

The OKC Modern Quilters will have a booth at the State Fair this year!  We are so excited for this great opportunity.  
Our booth times slot is Sunday the 25th from 2-5pm (i think)
I will post more info as to the time and place of our booth.  
Come and hang out with us and we will have some lovely quilts on display and a few fun tutorials on some simple modern blocks.