Monday, August 22, 2016

August Meeting Show and Share

Our August meeting was full of excellent work, including a month's worth of inspiring finishes.

Maria brought in the finished top for our #quiltsforpulse, and Beth will be quilting it.

Emily finished up a long time WIP that she completed as a round robin with a sewing group.

We got to see the long-awaited Arcadia Avenue quilts from member Dana and her mom and cousin. They did the  pattern together over the course of a year, choosing fabrics that suited their own tastes, and all of them are beautiful and unique!

Karen finished this beautiful double-gauze quilt. Very snuggly, but she suggests cutting double-gauze binding extra thick!

Vicki brought in this beautiful "Quilt of Honor" her group made for a local VA. Traditional yet modern!

Shirlene is working on a swap- NFL themed of course!

Now that it's time for school to start and for many people to get back in the swing of the things, we look forward to seeing what everyone brings next month.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Results of the Indigo Challenge

The time has come, and our members have turned in their pieces for the indigo fabric challenge issued to us by our sister guild in Budapest, Hungary!

The challenge was modern bohemian, and our members did an amazing job with their unique and creative designs. I don't know how anyone could choose between them!

The ladies of the Budapest guild received photos of all of the submissions, and voted on the top 6 to be sent to Hungary and shown.

Here are six quilts chosen to make the journey across the Atlantic!

Thank you to our friends in Hungary for this wonderful challenge, thank you to Agnes for doing all of the legwork to make it happen, and thank you to our members who participated!


Diane C

Vicki M

Laura Y

Ellen M

Karen M

Jennifer M

Alternative went to Bri P and Elizabeth R-

The rest of the entries were also breathtaking-





Cameron P

Ann S

Beth F

Paula F


Debbie W



Ellen M

Chanda B

Trina K

Thursday, August 11, 2016

ACE Pin Recipients for August

We had some excited ACE pin recipients this month!

Shirlene received her community and education pins.

Maria knocked it all out by claiming all three- education, community, and art.

Karen and Paula both received art pins.

Way to go, everyone! Let's all work to earn all of our ACE pins!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Flaunt your Finish for July

With no July meeting and many members on the road, it was good to see what so many of our friends have been up to this month!

Robin made this awesome shirt for her shark obsessed daughter. She eventually discarded the pattern and did her own thing on the shirt, and it looks awesome! And her daughter is rocking it!

Peggy has had Kaffe Fassett on the mind! (Have you signed up for the Quiltworks lecture in October?) What a beautiful tuffet!

She also made this beautiful cross-body bag out of Kaffe Fassett fabrics, using the Hip Bag Hybrid pattern from Studiokat Designs.

Karen H sent in a special flaunt your finish, made from the guild lottery blocks she won in May 2015! I love how it turned out!

Karen O shared this beautiful mini she made for Sew OK's swap, using the pattern Monday Love with mini charms. I LOVE the fabrics!

She also finished up a beautiful double-gauze quilt. I can cuddle plz?

Agnes used up her Denyse Schmidt stash to make this beautiful Calico Swing quilt. She long armed it at Trish Maxwell's studio using flat stipling, which looks amazing!

Ann W finished an improv quilt, but had some unfortunate circumstances post washing. You can find out more about working with Essex Linen (from what she learned the hard way) on her blog.

Here it is pre-washing!

A great month of finishes- and I look forward to seeing all of our members together again next week at our regular meeting!