Thursday, August 18, 2016

Results of the Indigo Challenge

The time has come, and our members have turned in their pieces for the indigo fabric challenge issued to us by our sister guild in Budapest, Hungary!

The challenge was modern bohemian, and our members did an amazing job with their unique and creative designs. I don't know how anyone could choose between them!

The ladies of the Budapest guild received photos of all of the submissions, and voted on the top 6 to be sent to Hungary and shown.

Here are six quilts chosen to make the journey across the Atlantic!

Thank you to our friends in Hungary for this wonderful challenge, thank you to Agnes for doing all of the legwork to make it happen, and thank you to our members who participated!


Diane C

Vicki M

Laura Y

Ellen M

Karen M

Jennifer M

Alternative went to Bri P and Elizabeth R-

The rest of the entries were also breathtaking-





Cameron P

Ann S

Beth F

Paula F


Debbie W



Ellen M

Chanda B

Trina K

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