Tuesday, March 14, 2017

March Meeting Recap

The March meeting gave us a great time of getting to take on each other's unfinished project challenges. In an activity we called WIP 911 (WIP- works in progress), three members brought unfinished projects or blocks that they needed help getting unstuck on.

Sarah brought some blocks she received in a sewing bee, and members had ideas not only for layout, but also for chopping the blocks up and making them more blocks with more continuity.

Stacie brought a quilt she'd finished and sandwiched probably 10 years ago- and still loves!- but can't figure out how to quilt it. We heard several great suggestions including an orange peel design, and also to take into account that the bold fabrics might obscure any overly detailed quilting. Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth brought in old quilt blocks from a swap that she never really loved. They are all stockings in different sizes, and  our group suggested everything from making a Christmas tree silhouette out of them, to hanging them on a quilted clothesline, to making it into a tree skirt.

It was a fun activity and good to get all of our creative juices flowing!

In some GREAT news, our charity quilt for Quiltcon 2017 has been found! It was lost in the postal system and sadly never made it to Savannah (so sad!), but we are happy it is safe and with us now.

We also had a great bunch of show and shares!

Sue is the queen of awesome minis, and she brought in three great ones this month, all in very different styles. Loving the thread spool mini!

Sarah brought in her quilt journal for February. Love how unique these all come out!

Jennifer made an adorable heart quilt featuring musical fabrics for her musical family!

Diane brought a quilt she finished for a client with great triangle quilting-

And a beautiful almost-finished quilt for her son and future daughter-in-law as a wedding present.

Mandy brought in a great tote that she made with the help of a class from fellow guild member Karen Munger. So stylish and usable!

And Sarah was awarded an ACE pin for Art! Woo hoo!

Thanks to everyone for another great meeting! Don't forget to order a t-shirt and sign up for our retreat in June (more info in our newsletters/Facebook group).