Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Block-of-the-Month

Once again, we have two blocks for you this month!

August Block-of-the-Month #1:

Hi, this is Kristine. I blog occasionally at My House Full. This block is of my own design. Enjoy. Any children's artwork you notice is a bonus.

Chevron Block

For easy to print instructions: CLICK HERE.

Fabric requirements may vary, but I used the majority of:
4 strips 2" x WOF (44")
1 strip 1.5" x WOF
1 strip 1" x WOF
Be sure to trim off the selvages. :)

1.  Decide if you want to follow a specific pattern, or have a random order. Chose a fabric to start on the bottom.

2.  Sew together at a right angle. Press seam up. Trim straight across the bottom. Check to make sure it is square - whatever the angle is here, it will continue through the whole block. Trim as necessary.

3.  Add the second layer. I did right over left. So I added on the left side, then the right. Until you reach 7" wide, line up raw edge on top, and sew down. Center your ruler at 3.5" and trim on the side. Repeat with the same fabric, adding to the right side.

4.  Once you reach 7" wide, add from the outside towards the point. If desired, mark 3.5" from the middle on each side. Starting each color on the left, overlap your mark a little, sewing towards the point. Press the seam up, and trim even with the raw edge. Repeat with the same fabric on the right side. Continue with each fabric, in the pattern you have chosen, until the edge measures more than 24.5".

5.  I find a 12.5" square ruler is helpful for this step. Centering the points at the 3 1/4 line, cut a block 6.5"x12.5". Make sure all sides are square. Sew the two pieces together.

The seams won't match - they aren't supposed to!

Our second block is presented by Angie

August Block-of-the-Month #2

4 Diamonds Block

For easy to print instructions: CLICK HERE.

TWO 3 7/8” squares of 8 different fabrics
(or FOUR 3 7/8” squares of 4 different fabrics
or even EIGHT - 3 7/8” squares, depending on how you want the layout to look)

1.  My preferred method for making half square triangles is to put my two chosen squares right sides together, draw a line down the center of the squares then stitch a scant ¼” seam on either side of the line.  Cut the block in half on the drawn line, press the blocks open, and trim down to 3.5”.

Whatever method you prefer, you need to end up with 16 half square triangles measuring 3.5” each.

2.  Make sure you match up the same fabrics on at least two of your sets of half square triangles so you will be able to form a diamond. 

3.  After arranging your triangles into the design you want, sew them together into sets of four, completing your triangles.  

4.  After all 4 triangles have been assembled, sew them together and press. 

I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!  

Thanks Kristine and Angie! Two more block and our quilt will be complete. 
See you next month!