Monday, April 28, 2014

Coffee Talk: Member Interview

Coffee Talk "Tuesday": Elizabeth Richards

This week we are featuring our committee chair Elizabeth Richards. She is an enthusiastic member who is always trying something new and exciting. She quilts in every category and style and never limits herself. Elizabeth's blog is a Pieceful Life and is a member of the Little/Mini Quilts Flicker group where she posts some of her beautiful works. So let's get to know Elizabeth a bit!

Hello Elizabeth! It's so good of you to agree to be interviewed, Thank-you! So how long have you been quilting or sewing?

I began sewing when I was 10 but started quilting in 1995. I became interested in quilting whenI had my first baby in 1983. I made all the bedding for the nursery but my quilt was more like a comforter and it was tied rather than quilted.

I can relate to that, my first attempt at quilting was far from perfect but just seeing what you can create now I'm guessing you eventually caught the quilting bug and only got more amazing. Many beginners tie their quilts until they feel experienced enough to try something more challenging. Did you ever have a quilt project go terribly wrong? What advice would you give to someone just beginning modern quilting?

I have lost interest in many projects and I have learned to give them away, or set them aside for another day. My advice is enjoy the process, from picking out the pattern and the fabric to the end result, a handmade quilt. Don’t worry if your piecing or quilting isn’t perfect, because quilts are made to give comfort, warm hugs, a little beauty, and joy….. that sounds like perfection to me!


That is some great advice, and something everyone should remember when they feel frustrated! I know a lot of us have struggled with wanting to get it perfect and forget the bigger picture. What is it that eventually brought you to modern quilting rather than a more "traditional/classic" style?

I honestly like the freedom in modern quilting. I like to reinterpret traditional blocks with modern fabrics, I enjoy the simplicity of solid fabrics and no borders, and I also like improvisational piecing.


Your quilting style is very free in my opinion, you seem to like not limiting yourself. Who inspires you most in the world of modern quilting? And which fabrics speak to you most? Any book recommendations?

I like Ana Maria Horner for her design and improvisational style. Elizabeth Hartman's blog Oh, Fransson! is one of the first modern bloggers that I discovered in 2010. I would recommend her blog, she has many wonderful patterns for sale and free tutorials, along with loads of inspiration. Rachel Hauser at Stitched in Color also has some great tutorials, and online classes. As for fabric designers I am a Kaffe Fassett and an Amy Butler fan from way back, and also Ana Maria Horner. I really like bright fabric that goes so well with solids.

Those are definitely some inspiring modern quilters and fabric designers! I also frequent some of those blogs. What are some quilt patterns or styles you are currently experimenting with or would like to try?

I want to try some of the new specialty rulers. I am currently having fun using the Quick Curve Ruler.

I have also had some fun with the Quick Curve ruler. Which quilt creation that you've made so far are you most proud of?

The picture below is my favorite quilt. It is an original design made with Kaffe Fassett fabric. I am not sure that it makes me proud, but it certainly makes me happy : )

That is very colorful and happy! I'm glad you shared it with us today. Thank-you again for letting us get to know you a bit better and for taking the time to sit down with me. I'm sure you'll be sharing more of your exciting creations with us at upcoming meetings!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Meeting Recap: April 2014

We had another great Guild meeting this month. 55 members and still growing. We completely filled the room we were in this month. If you missed it, please browse around this website or refer to your monthly newsletter for announcements.

I need to give a shout out to Amanda L. our Programs Coordinator. He hadn't had one until this year and she's doing a great job! We've always had fun at our meetings, but now they are fun AND informative.

This month we were thrilled for our own Agnes to present a Fabric Stamping demo. 

We learned about the various paints to use (and there are several to choose from out there!) as well as how to carve our own stamps. And guess what? Just about anything can find can be used as a stamp! 

Scrapbooking stamps...

Apples and corks and things glued on wood...

The end of a pencil...

Agnes even glued a key on a chunk of wood!
 Thank You Agnes! You've inspired us!

Our Show & Share gets bigger and better every meeting!

A meeting or so ago, Rebecca (far right) brought this great bag. Several commented on it and wanted details, so she said "I'll show you at our Sew Day!" So, Celeste (left) and Regina (middle) grabbed some fat quarters and made one too! It's a 6-Fat Quarters Bag and let me tell you, it's big! And they all look completely different just by their fabric choices.

I think low-volume quilts like this one that Regina made are underrated. I love the cozy cottage-y feel these kind of quilts give.

Beautiful quilting and a "modern" pieced back.

Ahhh...Jennifer made this striking "granny-square" quilt. We all loved the vibrant colors and graphic prints.

Jana brought this quilt that she is long-arm quilting. It's been in the works for 70 years and has the names of family. Truly a quilt to be treasured.

Jennifer made this one and Jana quilted it. I love these colors and Jana's amazing quilting!

You may recognize this as a block from the Swoon quilt pattern but BIGGER. Angie made this quilt and her husband liked it so much, he wanted it on their bed!

Amanda P. made this pillow cover. Her first Cathedral Window! using the Comma fabric line by Zen Chic (a favorite of several of our members)

I remember when Amanda L. started this quilt and love the finish. She used the Oh Deer! fabric line by Moda and calls it "Radiate".

She hand-marked the lines for quilting on her home machine, which makes a plaid pattern.

This is a wedding gift for a friend of Christy's that's been married about 9 months. The good news is that it's acceptable to send newlyweds a gift up to their first year anniversary. You've got plenty of time, Christy!

Once again, Comma makes an appearance at the OKCMGQ. Here's a terrific zig-zag quilt made by Becky!

And the pieced back could be the front!

 Teresa made this mini for her husband. Her embroidery is really amazing.

Leslie has been using her scraps to make bags for her electronics. Laptop case, iPad case, etc...

A couple weekends ago, several members attended a Fabric Bowl workshop at Quiltworks. Here are  a couple of finished projects. These lovely bowls by Becky....

 And one using just solids by Shirlene. They are both really wonderful!

See you next time!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Monthly Dose of Inspiration: April 2014

Hopefully by now everyone is getting to experience some beautiful spring weather.  Sunny days, bright spring flowers, and seeing nature come back to life always gives my creativity a boost.  There is something about spring that encourages new projects, whether they are home improvement, spring cleaning, or sewing projects.  Here is a bright and colorful collage of some of our members' creations to give you an inspirational boost or just provide you with some eye candy.  Enjoy and happy sewing!

April Monthly Inspiration