Friday, November 30, 2012

Flaunt Your Finish: November Edition

Welcome to November's Flaunt Your Finish!

We've had some comments from people who would like to participate in Flaunt Your Finish but feel they have to have a blog to do so. Not true! Sign up for a Flickr account. It's quick, easy and FREE and will allow you to ADD YOUR FINISH in the Linky at the bottom of this post. We'd love to see what you've made!

Our Guild finishes are few in number this month and I think I know why...

Our Guild Christmas Party is this weekend and we're all bringing a handmade gift to swap. I'm pretty sure we've all been diligently working on our gifts. I'm really excited to see what everyone has made, and I'd be less than honest if I didn't admit that I'm also excited to see what I come home with!

Additionally, many of our members are preparing for a local Indie Craft Bazaar called Deluxe. In fact, that's what Agnes has been working on. 

These cute little things are Felt Sushi Pins and will be one of the children's crafts the Guild is providing at the bazaar. They're made by rolling up 1/2-inch wide felt strips in different combinations. When ready, backing and a pin are glued on and...presto! A yummy and modern pin. For ages 6 and up.

Melissa has two finishes this month! I'm a bit in awe of Melissa right now. I spent last weekend with her at a Quilt Retreat (Thank you Bluebird Lane!) and Melissa went to town on quilting. I think she quilted 3 quilts while there, so I am completely amazed that she had these other two completed quilts at home.

This first quilt was made for the daughter of her Senior Pastor at her church who is about to have her first baby. Zig-zag or chevron?  Hmmm....that's a debate for another day, but there's no debating how fabulous this quilt is.!

Her second quilt is for the Pre-School Pastor at her church who just had her second baby boy. I'm sure mother and baby will love it!

Pattern: Off Track by Cluck, Cluck Sew
And finally, Trina says she copied (I'll say inspired) by a quilt on Pinterest and the idea of a wonky star. She thought the back was green, not grey and bought 4 yards of the wrong color -  Green Tea Kona anyone? She modified the wonky star quilt pattern from 'Liberated Quilting' and I love her end result!

That's what we have to show this month. Now it's time for you  to Flaunt YOUR Finish. Linky up below and grab a button to share! Thanks for participating!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Coffee Talk "Tuesday": Angela Chard

This month we are featuring Angela.  She holds a very dear place in the heart of the guild as a founder and the person with the drive to keep it going and flourishing.  I believe I can speak for all of us when we can say that we truly admire her drive to keep it going when it seemed like it might not be going anywhere.  She is a lovely person and we are so thankful for her!!!  


Hey, Angela!  Thanks so much for being our November interview.  First I want to let everyone know that you have a little shop called Amused Boutique on Etsy as well as a Facebook page.  

Having seen the cute clothes you make for your shop or for yourself on sew days I was wondering how you learned to sew?  Was it always something you were interested in learning?

 I have been sewing for 27 years I think.  My grandmother, Nonnie, taught me.  Teaching me to sew was the greatest gift she ever gave me...though at the time I didn't think so.  And I have been quilting for 3 years.

Ha!  I think that may be the case for many of us out there.  We so appreciate a skill learned later in life that at the time didn't seem like something we were all that into.  I also see that we have been quilting about the same amount of time.  What or who inspired you to learn how to quilt?

Quilting didn't appeal to me at all.  It just seemed like this huge, tedious, boring project.  A few years ago I become very active obsessed with a few fabric and sewing related groups on flickr.  At some point I began to see these gorgeous quilts popping up all over flickr with blog links.  That did it for me...really cool people making awesome quilts using the same amazing fabrics I'd been stockpiling.

I love that you went from being someone who was totally uninspired by quilting to a person who starts up a quilt guild!!!!  Oh the irony!  So, since you're a lover of fabrics, what designer do you admire?

My favorite "icon" of the modern quilting world is Anna Maria Horner.  She just has such a beautiful aesthetic in terms of color and design.  I love that she speaks on a personal level as well as professional on her lovely blog.  AMH is just such a powerhouse of productivity constantly cranking out tutorials and patterns, new fabric designs in many different fabrics, books, etc.  Of course there are countless others who inspire me but she's my main.  :)

Like...?  :)

I suppose I'm most smitten with fabrics with colorful large-scale prints, such as Heather Bailey, and fabric lines with a mixture of unexpected color combinations. Lotta Jansdotter is another designer I adore.

So, when do you get to work with all of these stunning fabrics?  Is there a time when you're most productive or the most ideas strike you?  You have quite the busy household!

When my house is at school, husband at work.  Seems like when I'm falling asleep is when a good flow of plans and ideas get going.  Apparently quiet time is the key component.

Oh no!  Christmas Break is coming!  lol  So, what projects do you need to squeeze in before the kids are off from school?  ;)

The top of my list includes a large-scale zig-zag design and a Film in the Fridge pattern called "Converging Corners."  Otherwise I'd like to do some quick projects involving simple patchwork and hand-tying.  I love those just as well as the more involved designs and works great for the immediate gratification thing I'm usually suppressing.

You're too funny!  Would you recommend that blog as a great place for modern quilt inspiration?

I think Film in the Fridge is a fantastic blog for modern quilting.  She has tons of projects with beautiful photos and great tutorials and info...great source for inspiration!
Angela's Anna Maria Horner quilt.

So what quilt is your favorite?  The one that you just love seeing every day.

I'm pretty proud of my Anna Maria Horner quilt.  The fabrics are the best part of it, but I cannot take any credit for that.  What I feel great about with this quilt is that it's fairly large and I free-motion quilted it in, what I think is, a really cool and unique way.  

And, just like with everyone thus far, I must ask, what is your quilty mishap?

When I was putting together a quilt for my daughter's bed I didn't know exactly what I was doing.  I put the layers together poorly, pinned it in a few places and then tried to quilt it.  There were many stitches that had to come out of that thing...actually it wore me out and I put it away and never finished it! 

Oh no!  Well, maybe someday it will make it out of the depths of the closet.  Or you can start anew.  

Just one last question for ya.  What would your advice be to the budding quilter out there?

If you know how to sew then you can certainly become a quilter.  Just research the steps of putting your blocks and layers together properly (yes, there are a few rules we must follow!) and start with a fairly simple design that you absolutely love.

Great advice, Angela.  Start simple and do your research.  You sound like my mom!  :)  Thanks again for being our November interview.  I think it's apropos that your interview falls on the week of Thanksgiving as we are all VERY thankful for what you have done for our guild!  :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November Meeting 2012

What a meeting!  We held our first elections, made some by-law changes, discussed some other business, did a show and share, and had a talk on African American quilting by Cornelia!

So, lets start off with the elections.  Despite one write in vote for a non-existent member (HA!) the following were elected for 2013:

President:  Jemellia Hilfiger
Vice President:  Amanda Lipscomb
Treasurer:  Agnes Stadler
Secretary:  Mandy Suellentrop
Committee Chair:  Shana Harper

We also passed the following changes to our by-laws:

1) increase dues from $20/year to $30/year (prorated to $15 in July)
2)  imposing term limits for officers and chairs as follows:  2 one-year consecutive term limits for that position

We also discussed a potential future need for a outreach/promotions chair.  We will continue to look at and evaluate that need this coming year.

Charity blocks were collected and given to Angelina.  She will be working piecing the quilt top (and will make the binding).  Amanda L. will be quilting it.  A big thanks for all of the donated blocks and other materials.  We will you give you more details on who donated what in the post dedicated to the quilt itself.  :)

Various upcoming projects were brought up.  The Modern Quilt Guilds Winter 2012 Fabric Challenge will begin Dec. 1st.  The Challenge will involve Violet Craft's "Madrona Road" line.  Jemellia has ordered some fabric packets for the guild.  The challenge ends January 31st, so this will be a fast paced project.

Jemellia has also been organizing a pincushion swap with some other MQGs, to be swapped at QuiltCon.  You do NOT have to be attending QuiltCon to participate.  Your pincushion will be taken to QuiltCon for you and you will receive one in return.  So please consider joining in this fun challenge and in making connections with fellow Modern Quilters.  :)

Cornelia gave a spectacular talk on African American Quilting with regards to it's history and it's influence on Modern Quilting.  It's always fascinating to learn how so much of what we're doing as "Modern" quilters has deep roots in history.  Cornelia plans to share some book titles with us so I will be sure to post that information here when we receive it.  :)

Cornelia gave a talk on African American Quilting.

Our next meeting is our Christmas party.  Paid members can find details as to the location and time on the groups Private Facebook page under the "Events" tab.  Everyone is asked to bring a handmade gift for exchange (your gift must be handmade, but it does not have to be made by you, and it does not have to be sewn) as well as a food item for the potluck meal.  If you are not a paid member please e-mail us for details.  Hope to see you there!

And here is a recap of our show and shares:

Cornelia brought this lovely quilt top in soft purples and creams to share. 

Amanda finished her hexie pillow.  

I (Amanda) made a mini quilt top of the OKC Memorial chairs.  We're using this in some presentations to other guilds/groups.
Andrea is obsessed with Echo apparently and made this quilt top from a Fresh Lemon Quilts pattern for a wedding gift. Lucky couple!
Agnes is in the process of completing this amazing fabric bowl.  So tiny!

Shana shared a block she made that will go in a quilt for her upcoming wedding.  She's such a cutie!
Lauren was a first time guest at our meeting and shared this lovely quilt that she made for someone undergoing chemotherapy. 
And Robin topped us all by bringing her latest work of art.  Her newborn baby girl!  Way to go Robin!!!   ;)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WIP Wednesday

There's been a lot going on in the USA the past few weeks. Storms, elections, a shocking basketball trade for us OKC Thunder fans.... Well, the election is over. The trade has been made. The clean-up has begun.

For some of us in the OKC Modern Quilt Guild, hurricane Sandy hit a little to close to the homes of those we love. Parents, relatives and friends were left for days without electricity and with dwindling food supplies. Others had significant damage. Thankfully, everyone is safe. There wasn't a thing we could have done to prevent the storm, but we're hoping there's a little something we can do to help those who were affected.

Our guild members are currently working on a quilt that will be raffled off with the proceeds going to the Red Cross. We're all using the pattern you see with the guidelines to use red, white and gray. A few of our member have already started and I'm hoping to get mine done this week.

I think Angelina came up with the idea for this quilt, and here are her blocks. I love her mix of prints.

Amanda from The Cozy Pumpkin made hers as well. This is going to be a quilt that makes a statement! We'll have more information for you as we complete the quilt.

And some of us are doing other things:

Bri has been participating in a Row Along over at Bee in My Bonnet. Here are her first four rows.  Bri hopes to get Row 5 (flying geese) done before Row 6 is published today and says, "Probably won't happen.  LOL"
I have to tell you, Bri, flying geese are NOT my strong point so good luck! I do love that little row of apples.


Emily is working on a quilt that was originally going to be a much larger quilt for her daughter's bed.
But she's now thinking about scrapping the whole project and turning it into a baby quilt for her
expecting sister-in-law.  "We will see..." she says.

In non-political voting news: Our OKCMGQ elections are THIS Saturday! You have to be a paid member to vote, but it's never too late to join. Just click the Paypal button on the sidebar you're good as gold!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Flaunt Your Finish - October Edition

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While it's already the second day of November, this Flaunt Your Finish if for October's completed projects. We have some BEAUTIFUL finishes, this month, and while I shouldn't say I'm saving the best for last...But seriously, I'm saving the best for last.

Here we go...

Agnes finally finished her monster of a quilt. It's somewhere around 90 by 100 inches - the biggest she's ever done to date! Agnes says she would have NEVER managed to quilt it, if it weren't for the 18 wheeler of a longarm machine at The Stitching Post

She also tried a new quilting pattern: "flat stippling" (she thinks that's what it is called), which, along with the "pebbles" around the band in the middle, is supposed to give the quilt a zen-like vibe. "Believe me", says Agnes, "It is not easy to come up with a pattern for THAT MUCH negative space!" The small toss pillow was a kind of afterthought, but I agree with Agnes in thinking it compliments the quilt nicely. 

This next adorable quilt is by Mandy and she's called it her Sugar Dish quilt. In our last Guild Meeting Wrap-Up we posted a photo of Mandy with this quilt's look-alike. Two Cute Quilts = Two Lucky Kids!

Amanda and her family went on a trip to Disney World, and she was the smart mommy to who made these two "I Spy" quilts.  She went for a fast and easy Ticker Tape method, and made each quilt in each child's favorite color.  In the end...Amanda says that no one played "I Spy" with their quilts at any point of the trip, but her son did sleep with his on the plane to and from (so like his Daddy) and at the hotel.  Her daughter...well, she still isn't convinced there is anything very fun about the quilt other than it's purple.  Oh two year olds!

In our last WIP Wednesday, Erin showed us this quilt in progress that she made with her class at school. Every child designed a "mini quilt" out of fabric to be featured on the front of the quilt, and they signed their name on their block. 

They did such a great job and as they gather around to look at the quilt,  you can just tell that they were excited to be a part of it!

Okay, here's the drum roll....

The best. For. Last.

Robin had a BIG Finish that none of us can compete with. Little Autumn O was born October 11, 2012.

After 9 months of gestation, Robin put the final binding stitches on her Pooh quilt when the contractions were *literally* 10 minutes apart. 

Oh my goodness...look at that hair! I can't take how cute she is!

Oh yeah, about the quilt...

As Robin was in a hurry....the pinwheels were done using this tutorial from Missouri Quilt Company and the stars in the corner are a scaled down version of the Evening Star from the Summer Sampler Series. All the fabrics were a mishmash of FQs from the local quilt shops and her stash. 

Stay tuned for projects like high chair covers and baby clothes in the future, but first she has to start sleeping again.

Now that you've seen our finishes, we'd love to see yours! 
The only rules are:

1)  Your quilt must be actually finished. 
2)  Your linked quilts need to have been completed in the month of October.
3)  This is not a requirement, but we would greatly appreciate it if you add our link back button to your blog as well.  (The code can be found on the sidebar.)