Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November Meeting 2012

What a meeting!  We held our first elections, made some by-law changes, discussed some other business, did a show and share, and had a talk on African American quilting by Cornelia!

So, lets start off with the elections.  Despite one write in vote for a non-existent member (HA!) the following were elected for 2013:

President:  Jemellia Hilfiger
Vice President:  Amanda Lipscomb
Treasurer:  Agnes Stadler
Secretary:  Mandy Suellentrop
Committee Chair:  Shana Harper

We also passed the following changes to our by-laws:

1) increase dues from $20/year to $30/year (prorated to $15 in July)
2)  imposing term limits for officers and chairs as follows:  2 one-year consecutive term limits for that position

We also discussed a potential future need for a outreach/promotions chair.  We will continue to look at and evaluate that need this coming year.

Charity blocks were collected and given to Angelina.  She will be working piecing the quilt top (and will make the binding).  Amanda L. will be quilting it.  A big thanks for all of the donated blocks and other materials.  We will you give you more details on who donated what in the post dedicated to the quilt itself.  :)

Various upcoming projects were brought up.  The Modern Quilt Guilds Winter 2012 Fabric Challenge will begin Dec. 1st.  The Challenge will involve Violet Craft's "Madrona Road" line.  Jemellia has ordered some fabric packets for the guild.  The challenge ends January 31st, so this will be a fast paced project.

Jemellia has also been organizing a pincushion swap with some other MQGs, to be swapped at QuiltCon.  You do NOT have to be attending QuiltCon to participate.  Your pincushion will be taken to QuiltCon for you and you will receive one in return.  So please consider joining in this fun challenge and in making connections with fellow Modern Quilters.  :)

Cornelia gave a spectacular talk on African American Quilting with regards to it's history and it's influence on Modern Quilting.  It's always fascinating to learn how so much of what we're doing as "Modern" quilters has deep roots in history.  Cornelia plans to share some book titles with us so I will be sure to post that information here when we receive it.  :)

Cornelia gave a talk on African American Quilting.

Our next meeting is our Christmas party.  Paid members can find details as to the location and time on the groups Private Facebook page under the "Events" tab.  Everyone is asked to bring a handmade gift for exchange (your gift must be handmade, but it does not have to be made by you, and it does not have to be sewn) as well as a food item for the potluck meal.  If you are not a paid member please e-mail us for details.  Hope to see you there!

And here is a recap of our show and shares:

Cornelia brought this lovely quilt top in soft purples and creams to share. 

Amanda finished her hexie pillow.  

I (Amanda) made a mini quilt top of the OKC Memorial chairs.  We're using this in some presentations to other guilds/groups.
Andrea is obsessed with Echo apparently and made this quilt top from a Fresh Lemon Quilts pattern for a wedding gift. Lucky couple!
Agnes is in the process of completing this amazing fabric bowl.  So tiny!

Shana shared a block she made that will go in a quilt for her upcoming wedding.  She's such a cutie!
Lauren was a first time guest at our meeting and shared this lovely quilt that she made for someone undergoing chemotherapy. 
And Robin topped us all by bringing her latest work of art.  Her newborn baby girl!  Way to go Robin!!!   ;)

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