Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Hi there!

How are those spring allergies treating you?  I hope better than they've been treating me.  I've had one illness/allergy back to back for about 2 weeks now and I am just now rebounding.  It's so nice to see a bit of color outside though isn't it?  And I have been enjoying our rainy days of late.  Makes feeling blah so much more appropriate, and it's really nice to not feel like you're missing out on anything.

Well, other than my machine that keeps taunting me to turn it on.  I try not to listen.  You by my craft space, fingers in my ears, singing as loud as I can so it won't tempt me.  Okay...not really, but you get the point.  I, personally, have done NOTHING.  Seriously.  I kid you not...we're lucky my kids were fed.

But, other OKCMQGers have been busy little spring bees!

Crystal is playing with her FMF (Flea Market Fancy) in a Wheel of Fortune (cute pattern name) block.  Paper pieced...impressive!  Finished it measures 16".  She has a ways to go though.  This is going to end up a queen sized quilt.  I'm assuming she's making it for me because I LOVE it!  ;)

 Elizabeth is working with her FMF as well in a large wheel quilt.  HA!  Can you tell we all have a bit of an obsession?  I'm sure you can relate.  Mine is staring at me in my to do pile.  Anywho...this is going to end up a huggable baby quilt.  AWWWWW...  She's testing out various colors.  I voted for the aqua.
 Leslie is working on her houndstooth quilt with a twist.  Loving the colors.  Although I have yet to see any FMF in there.  ;)
And, Phoebe, who is officially joining the guild next month (YAY!), is awaiting some new thread to quilt this sweet quilt.  Isn't it lovely?
Well, that's what the people who haven't been sick have been working on.  What do you have on your machine these days?  :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 2012 Meeting in Review

WOW!  The March meeting was B.U.S.Y.!  We barely had a chance to squeeze show and tells in!  There are so many fantastic things happening in our little guild right now.

We kicked off the meeting by tweaking our new bylaws.  A HUGE thank you to Trina and those who helped to get those looking so sharp.  They're looking great and are so clear.  :)

After working on bylaws we elected in some new officers.  Congratulations to our VP Crystal, Secretary Kristine, and Program Coordinator Stephanie.  We all REALLY appreciate you taking on those duties to help our guild run as smoothly as possible.

Then it was time to discuss committees.  We decided that the ones we "needed" to get off the ground and running were the Social Media Committee - chaired by moi, Amanda, Promotional Committee - chaired by Leslie, and our Historian - Cornelia.

Aren't we a go-get 'em group?!  ;)

This month's challenge is a 12 1/2" x 12 1/2" (Can also be used for the QuiltCon Challenge going on right now.) block to potentially be sent of to the QuiltCon Challenge or used in our upcoming Quilt Show.  Details on the Quilt Show to come soon!  :)

Speaking of the Quilt Show...we have a theme:  Defining [mod-ern]  We're very busy working on promotion tasks, show setup ideas, and getting ready for the submissions to role in May 1st-15th.

Other various things were discussed.  But, come want to see the show and tell right?

Agnes came to her first meeting and shared several beautiful quilts with us.  This was my favorite!  So simple,  yet it speaks volumes.

We gave back our swap items at the meeting.  This was my swap item for a Elizabeth.  Just a little mini quilt.  It will be going to it's new home soon.  Elizabeth wasn't able to make it this go around.   
Angela made a darling little iPad case for Trina.  Love that pop of blue!!!

Angelina shared her Swoon quilt.  I'm swooning over those colors!

Crystal showed us her scrappy half triangle quilt that has been a long time in the making.  SO impressive!!!

Erin brought this quilt she created for her daughter's class.  This picture doesn't do it justice.  The handprints are darling, and the lettering that goes around the entire border of the quilt is just beyond impressive!

This idea was displayed on our group facebook wall and Jemellia jumped right on it!  That lady has ambition.  I like it!

Kristine made this darling little pillow cover (still in the works) for her swap item.  I may have to steal it...I love a good Cathedral Window.

Do you remember Leslie's W.I.P. Picture from last week?  Well, she made this darling little apron for Robin.  :)
See?  Darling right?!  (The apron...well, Robin too!)  Robin shared this little compass block she created.  So cheery!  (The block...well, Robin too!)

Stephanie popped in to bring me my swap items which I forgot to snap a picture of and already have scattered around my house in use!  Thanks so much Stephanie...I love every piece!!!  This is the sewing kit that Crystal made for Stephanie.  Darling!

Trina added a plum border to her son's bed quilt.

And Trina made this sweet pillow cover for Angela for the swap.
And although she wasn't present, Elizabeth sent me along with her little swap items for Leslie.  Love those owls.  :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

W.I.P. Wednesday

I am SOOO excited about our new blog segment W.I.P. Wednesday.  It's quite a popular thing in the land of quilt blogs, but I am thrilled that it gives me a sneak peak into what my fellow guild members are working on.

With our scrap challenge going on most people didn't have a lot to reveal for fear of sharing too much with their swap partner.  I sense there are a lot of fellow procrastinators super busy people in the group much like myself.  ;)

 Cornelia is sweetly making a log cabin quilt for a pal of hers.  (What a good friend!!!)  Don't you just love these little "Sherbet Pips"in the hearth?  And the black and white really allows those pips to stand out!  :)

This is Crystal's "Jovial" Quilt.  Very excited to see the front.  This image is such a tease.  ;)

Elizabeth is hand stitching this gorgeous "Rainbow Trail" table runner with a variegated thread.  Reminds me that spring is HERE!!!!  :)

Leslie is the BRAVE one.  ;)  She's showing a sneak peak of her scrappy swap project.  Another cheery spring-y look.  Can't wait to see it in person!

Side note:  I feel weird typing about myself in the third person.  So I'm just going to type as myself.  lol  

I, Amanda, am working on this happy quilt in "Bliss" fabric.  Some friends have been asking me to teach them how to quilt, but they live far away, and thus my "Newbie Quilt Along" was born over at my personal blog.  

What are you working on?  Any special projects?  Maybe holiday related...Easter, St. Patrick's Day??? We'd love to hear what you have going on!  :)