Saturday, June 9, 2012

Success! Defining [mod-ern] Quilt Show

After hard work on many people's parts within the guild we had a fun and successful show last night.  I'm short on time this evening, but I wanted to share some of the shots I snapped before the show really got rolling.

Our theme was Defining Modern, so we started off greeting you by the door with a vintage quilt top in a floor quilting hoop, an antique ladder with a modern quilt that the guild made, and then BAM!  Right behind it Leslie's "Seaside Avocados" quilt as a great display of modern quilting.  I think it was a great way to show where our roots have stemmed from and where we're headed in this crazy world of "Modern Quilting."

After Leslie's quilt we utilized the wall space to sort of tell a tale of the journey of quilting.  We started with the most traditional of quilts to the left of Leslie's "Seaside Avocados" and slowly worked our way around the space to the most modern of all of them, Agnes' "The Scully" quilt at the end.

Agnes' "The Scully" was the perfect end to our journey through the world of modern quilting.
There was also this great seating area up at the front at "The Parish".  Angelina was all about staging this area from the beginning and I think she and the gals did a lovely job!

Of course we had to get some fun shots in:

Agnes is such a fun gal!!!  I told her to pretend she was Kate Winslet in Titanic.  HA!  And that's her "The Blue Scully" quilt draped over the couch she's on.

All of the ladies who helped set up were a HUGE help.  Angelina (on the right) was my co-chair in crime for setting up the show.  So great to work with.  And Jemellia helped bring her styling touch to the venue which I REALLY appreciated.  She knows how to fold and drape quilts.  Seriously.  That is a talent I do not possess.

And just because I I am with the quilt I made my Dad for Christmas.  He was kind enough (well, he gave permission, but my mom did the shipping) to ship it back from New Jersey so I could put it in the show.  :)

A big thank you to ALL of the guild members who helped out in any capacity, big or small.  Thanks Crys for taking the reigns on this first "planned" foray into the world of quilt shows.  No easy task for sure.  Leslie for working on the promotional materials from concept to finished product.  Angela for heading up our submission committee and all of her team.  Again, Angelina for putting up with my overly organized self and being a great partner in crime.  And, last but not least, a shout out to The Parish for being so accommodating and allowing us to use their space.  It was/is a great opportunity for our guild and we truly appreciate their hospitality.

We plan to do some write ups on the show process, so stay tuned for that!

Sew long for now,


  1. Looks fabulous! I hate that I had to miss it. I LOVE those Scully quilts, Agnes! Wow.....and Leslie, thanks for making "Seaside Avocados" for me! How sweet..... Amazing work, y'all.

    1. It can be yours Cornelia, if the price is right!

  2. LOVE the pics! Thanks so much. Wish I could have come.

  3. LOVE this show! I'm going to see if the Austin Modern Quilt Guild can put on a show soon.

  4. Amanda, that picture of you is too adorable! And I LOVE that one of Agnes. She is such a fun lady! I just love her.

    This was a great show and I am so happy to have been a part of it. We all managed to work through the issues and produce a great looking, cohesive and interesting show. Go okcmqg!


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