Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Stay Tuned...

Hi Everyone,

First and foremost we here in the OKC Metro Area want to thank you for all of the prayers and positive thinking you have sent our way.  It appears as though everyone in our guild is doing well; however, as you all know by now this is not the case for so many friends, families, and "Oklahomies" in Shawnee and Moore, OK.  These people are in need of so many things right now, but they are also still living in a state of chaos for the most part.  They are being very careful with who they allow into that area at this time.

Our guild is holding an emergency meeting tonight to go over our options for assistance and we certainly would love help from everyone that is willing.  We have already received multiple e-mails and facebook messages, and we appreciate each and every one of them.  We are quickly organizing ourselves and will have a fully formulated plan in place tonight.  So, please stay tuned for further information tonight and tomorrow.

You will be able to find information here on the blog, our public facebook page, member blogs, and we will do our very best to spread the word throughout facebook, other blogs, and the Modern Quilt Guild.

Please bear with us as we work towards organizing this wonderful effort to help those in need!  Thank you, and we'll be back with more information soon!

Much love from Oklahoma!

OKC Modern Quilt Guild

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