Thursday, November 21, 2013

November Meeting

November brought a couple of BIG changes to the OKMQG.

Earlier in the month, members met for a special meeting and voted to officially become part of the National Modern Quilt Guild!  It's exciting to be a part of a group that is, literally, worldwide!  We look forward to sharing and implementing new group features in the near future.  Please join us if you haven't already.  We'll start accepting membership dues for 2014 on December 1st.

The next change in the coming year will be our new meeting place. More details will come in time for the January meeting, but let's just say...the new place has room to breathe!  We simply out grew our current location.  Many thanks to the Neighborhood Alliance.  We appreciate you so much!

Our last meeting in the Neighborhood Alliance also brought a changing of the guard. New officers were unanimously elected! (Okay...there was only one person per position running...but still, we all voted unanimously Yes! for each one.) Congratulations to the new and returning officers!

Now...on with the show!

Amanda L (new Programs Coordinator) This was a bee quilt/swap that Amanda participated in. Participants just picked a color, made up the block and sent it to her. The variety of colors look planned!  Amanda is hand quilting this with these cute chunky stitches she likes to do with Perle cotton...

Angie has been testing a lot of patterns lately. This was a cute purse she sewed up and machine quilted the owl.  Yeah...I need to work on my free-motion quilting too. Oh, and that's a peak of her new little squeak in the corner. I just couldn't crop her out!

Ann (new President) is working on The Local Quilt which was a winning quilt at QuiltCon. Here's a look at several of the block she's made.  She's done a fabulous job so far!

I have to give my apologizes to my guild members. I'm seriously challenged when it comes to camera settings. My husband took my camera to New York and I now realize my settings were all wonky. So no, you all don't need to get your eyes checked. I need another camera lesson and the photos really are a blurry.

Agnes (returning Treasurer) I didn't make it to the Lisa Calle workshop last month, but Agnes did and here's her finished quilt. You make those curves look good, Agnes!

Agnes also made a large block/mini quilt using the OKC Memorial Block that Amanda L designed...

...and an improv mini too.  Love that free-motion quilting!

Candace - made this adorable mini. I love just looking at all the little prints she used and I dig the quilting that echoes the shape of the blocks.

Jemellia (outgoing President) made this groovy quilt for her little sister. So cute and vibrant! We know she'll love it.

We will NOT be having a meeting in December. Instead, we'll have a member party and handmade gift exchange. 

P.S. Handmade gift exchanges are the best. Ever.

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