2016 WQS

Oklahoma City Winter Quilt Show
January 7-9, 2016
State Fair Park
(Cox Pavilion)

It's Modern!

Make a quilt for display at the 2016 OKC Winter Quilt Show using one of the 11 Distinctions of Modern Quilting listed below. You'll find many of these distinctions often overlap. Asymmetry can translate to Alternate Gridwork and Negative Space and Texture in Quilting may create the same quilt.

*Remember: It doesn't have to be a newly made quilt, just one that has NOT been displayed in a previous OKCMQG Show or OKC Winter Quilt Show.

SIGN UP on the private Facebook page so we can get an idea of how many quilts we'll have and what distinctions we'll have covered.

If you find you need a little inspiration, we have over 200 pins on OUR PINTEREST PAGE to kick start your creativity. The 11 Distinction Boards are at the top of the page, grouped together, for easy access.

Which One Will You Choose?

  1. Asymmetry
  2. Alternate Gridwork
  3. Bright and Graphic
  4. Exaggerated Scale
  5. Improvisation
  6. Low Volume
  7. Minimalist
  8. Modern Traditionalism
  9. Negative Space
  10. Pixelation
  11. Texture in Quilting

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