Bi-Monthly Block Lottery- Polaroid Block

To try to generate more involvement and fun we decided to organize a block lottery. On the Odd months the Block Lottery Presenter (BLP) will introduce the block and on the even months we will have the lottery. Either someone can volunteer to be the next BLP or whoever wins the lottery will be the next BLP by default. If we have an abundance of blocks, then we will divide them and have 2 -3 winners. Then we will either draw straws or hope one of the winners wants to pick the next block.
The responsibility of the BLP will be to pick a block, print instructions and designate what fabrics we will need. Maybe even do a little sample to show what it might look like.


Fabric Requirements:
Fabric for fussy cutting pictures
Kona - white - any Hobby Lobby (#1387)
Cutting your fabric:
Cut 3.5 x 3.5 fussy cut squares
Cut Kona white 1” x WOF strips
Cut Kona white 1.5” x WOF strips
Sewing: Use 1/4” seam
Sew the 1” strips on two sides and on top of the 3.5 x 3.5 fussy cut squares. (Be aware of top and bottom of “picture”)
Sew the 1.5” on bottom of “picture”.
 Hint: You can strip piece these pieces to make construction faster.
DO NOT trim final block since 1/4” seams vary from machine to machine. Iron and starch for a crisp block.
Bring finished -untrimmed blocks to February meeting in large zip lock bag with name and number of blocks written on the bag.
There are SO MANY things you can do with these little blocks. Explore Pinterest or Google for many ideas; i.e. wall hangings, quilts, coasters, placemats, table runners, throws, table cloths, napkins., etc.
Sure hope everyone participates! I think this will be a lot of fun!

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