Thursday, April 5, 2012

Quilt Show Submission Information

Submissions for the quilt show are just around the corner.  A form will be going up on the blog May 1 - 15.  But, we wanted to give you a heads up as to the ground rules for submissions.  :)

Submission dates for The Oklahoma City Modern Quilt Show 'Defining [mod ern]' will be open from May 1st- May 15th. All quilts must be 100% finished at time of submission. Due to limited gallery space, Quilts by paid members of the OKCMQG will take precedence but outside submissions will be considered. If you are not a paid member of the OKCMQG and your quilt is selected, a $10 fee will be requested along with the cost of shipping if applicable.  Quilts will be displayed at The Parish during Live on the Plaza in Oklahoma City on June 8th with a limited number of quilts remaining on display for a week after the show. You will be contacted before June 1st on which quilts were accepted and not, Drop off and Pick up of the quilts will be arranged at a later date.

1) You may submit a total of 3 quilts for consideration. Please fill out a separate submission form for each quilt.
2) At least 1 photo, with a limit of 3, will be required for each submission. Please email these  to with the title of your quilt followed by your name in the subject  I.e. Wavey Lines by Jane Doe. Please send a separate email for each quilt submission
3) Entries selected from digital images are subject to additional evaluation when the actual quilt arrives at the show. At the time of arrival, the head of the submission committee or show committee reserves the right to reject the entry and override the selection committee's initial decision if the quilt is found to vary from the submitted photos or doesn't appear to be in a finished state. 
4) The submission process does not include smaller items I.e. bags, pin cushions, quilt blocks, etc. Anything over 36" is considered a quilt and will need to go through the submission process.  2 additional items may be dropped off during the designated quilt drop off times and will be displayed as needed. 
5) The Opportunity to sell your quilt will be available. The Parish has a commission of 20% for each sale and the OKCMQG will commission 5% of the sale as well with our cut going into a fund for future quilt shows. Further Info will be provided to you in the case your quilt is selected.   

Legal Clause:
By submitting your quilt for display you agree that The Oklahoma City Modern Quilt Guild and The Parish can not be held responsible for damage. Measures will be taken to ensure the public is aware that the items on display are works of arts and are to be treated as such. You are also agreeing your quilt may be photographed and published with proper credit being given. 

It's all so exciting!  Can't wait to see the submissions and what gets picked.  :)

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