Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sew Day = Fun Day!

This past Saturday was a Sew Day for the OKCMQG!  :)  We had non-stop sewing time from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  And honestly...I could have gone longer.  HA!

While the turn out was small we had a blast and I think everyone accomplished a good bit.  Elizabeth stopped in for a bit to say hi and did some hand sewing.  I wish I had thought to snap a picture of her.  Sorry, Elizabeth!

We had some very deep discussion while we worked...quilt show, our next meeting, techniques, quilt ideas, blogs, copyright issues, and movies...  Specifically Hunger Games v. Twilight (which had better translation from book to movie and how writers of young adult novels need to step up their writing abilities), and my undying love for my favorite movie...TITANIC!!!  ;)  Seriously ladies...I'm going on're welcome to join me.

Okay...sorry about that...back to quilting!  Leslie spent her time quilting and binding this cheery quilt:

 She kept mentioning how relaxed she felt while working compared to her time at home.  I think most of us felt that way.  No pressure to work at a rapid fire pace before someone interrupts you.

Agnes was hard at work on her Avalon quilt with Michael Miller Poppies fabrics.  It's turning out GREAT!!  She sent me an update yesterday.
 It's incredible right?

Crystal spent her time trimming, and trimming, and trimming some more.  Poor thing!  But, it will be so worth it in the end.  She had a MASSIVE pile of little fabric slivers/strips by the time she was done.
 Stephanie cut up a layer cake into these large hexies and was sewing them together with y-seams.  We were very interested as y-seams aren't much fun.  She finished the quilt top and it turned out gorgeous!  Hopefully she'll bring it to Saturday's meeting.
Angela's machine was giving her problems so she had to borrow one from her church.  It was this amazing little Featherweight.  JEALOUS!  It sounded beautiful as she worked.  And her pieces weren't too shabby either!
I would be game for one of these like once a month.  Heck, forget meetings...let's just have sew days!!!

On that note...don't forget about the meeting on Saturday.  Info is on the right hand side of the blog or under the meetings/events tab at the top.  :)  Hope to see you there!


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