Friday, July 27, 2012

Finish Up Friday: July Edition

Finish Up Friday is a favorite feature. Say that three times fast...

As I write this, my own finished quilts are in the dryer. I love the moment I pull them out and they are warm and crinkly. I'm giving them to two girls who are getting ready to leave for college in a couple of weeks, but need to give them to them today in just under two hours. I may sneak my photos in later, so check back.

Okay, now on to those who were on the ball and got their projects completed AND photographed!

Hexagons! They are all over quilting blogs. Our Stephanie made this one, below. And if it's the same one she was working on at one of our previous sew days, I couldn't believe how quickly she put this one together. She just about had me convinced that I wanted to do one too! Almost.

City Weekend Giant Hexies

Have you ever had a fabric that you loved so much that you were afraid to cut into it? Well, Robin says she's been hoarding (her words) this lovely floral, Eclectic Garden by Jason Yenter, for well over two years! She finally gathered up the courage to cut into and and I'm glad she did. It's beautiful! She pieced it last September, but shelved it for awhile to do a few baby quilts. And 100 degree Oklahoma heat or no, she's going to cuddle under it! That's why we all have air-conditioning, Robin, so we can use our quilts year-round.

Amanda, on her blog The Cozy Pumpkin, just finished a new quilter quilt-along. This is the finished quilt. Yes, you too can make a quilt for the first time like this! And don't let those tiny red squares scare you, there's a little magic that happens when making this quilt. I love the cheery colors and patterns of her fabrics.

Erin made a quilt that, well, I'm not afraid to admit I'm a little jealous of. This fabulous plaid quilt is what's known as a transparency quilt. It's pieced in a way that gives you the illusion that the fabrics are layered over one another, as if the blue is transparent when it overlaps the white. My first foray into transparency didn't work out as planned, but after seeing Erin's plaid, I'm going to have to give it another try.

I hope you've seen something here to inspire you today. I know I have. We have a guild meeting coming up on August 11th and that means...Show and Tell....(giddy clapping). Subscribe to this blog, if you haven't already, so you can continue to see what our members are creating. We have an interesting group project coming up that I can't wait to see!

Later that day...
Sneaking in one my finished quilts. She loved it!

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