Monday, July 9, 2012

July 2012 Meeting

Hi you fabulous quilty people!  :)

I've missed you.  But, my shoulder/arm/wrist is in "physical therapy" of the massage nature.  Jealous?!

Don't be.  The massage is super painful.  Like tears in my eyes painful.  Seriously.  My therapist is really sweet and does some relaxation techniques for me at the end b/c she can tell I'm uncomfortable.  With that said...2 days after the massage I feel AMAZING!  Seriously, AMAZING.  So, for the time being, the stupendous Leslie is going to continue helping me out with our WIP and Finish Friday posts.  BIG thank you to her for that.

Now on to our July meeting.  There was a lot of business to discuss, but it was super fun.  I don't have my agenda in front of me so we'll wing this by highlighting some things.  We talked about future blog ideas and next years show.  Look forward to a Q&A post with our show coordinator for 2012, Crys, and myself regarding how our show worked in late July/August.  

Oh, and a shout out to our new members!  You know who you are!  We are SO excited to see our Guild continuing to grow and thrive!!!!!  So many new super cool peeps.

We discussed our plans for attending QuiltCon...and then we talked about our Michael Miller Quilt that we're making to submit for the QuiltCon Show.  The fabulous LQS Oklahoma Quiltworks talked us up to the Michael Miller people, at Market, and through a little quilty magic the OKC MQG is creating a group quilt to enter in to QuiltCon using all Michael Miller solids.  And, (I wish I had snapped a picture of this) to inspire us all, Michael Miller sent every guild member participating in the quilt a Swatch Card of their fabulous solids.  Be jealous.  Be VERY jealous.  It's an AMAZING card.  The fabrics are soft, luxurious, GREAT to work with (I already have on several occasions myself), and the colors are radiant!!!

So a HUGE thank you to the people over at Michael Miller.  We are most definitely feeling inspired!!!  Stay tuned for pictures of that quilt as it comes together.  I can't wait to see how everyone's blocks turn out!!!

Of course we had our standard show and tell segment as well.
Top L - R:  Anges' Linen Quilt, Andrea's zig zag piecing (awesome new member who has NO FEAR!
This is only her second quilt.  Her first one was Avalon!!!  I kid you not, Crys continues on her quest to
complete her "Quilt as you Go" quilt.

Middle L - R:  Betty's quilter accidentally attached a cheater to her backing.  Oops!,  Jemellia made this
zipper pouch for one of the kiddos she knows attending the Oklahoma Quiltworks Kids Kamp.,  
Agnes created this amazing little mini for an Alzheimer's Charity Auction.

Bottom L - R:  Robin (our cutie preggo member) finished the binding on this lovely quilt while at the
 meeting, I shared this little doll quilt I finished up for my daughter, and
Erin made this AMAZING plaid transparency quilt for a customer.
 I seriously plan to have her do an entire post about this quilt as it is stunning.  :)

I hope you all are having a fabulous summer!!!  Now...who else is going to QuiltCon?!  We want to meet ALL of you!!!!!!!!!!  :)

Sew long for now,

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