Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October 2012 Meeting & Sew Day

What a great meeting we had this month!  So many great show & shares and a sew day too boot.

I was amazed to find out that we are up to 34 paid members!!!  WOO!!!!  We're all so excited with how our little guild is growing.  :)

In the area of "business" it was brought up that elections are happening at the November meeting for the officer positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Committee Chair.  If you are interested in tackling one of these positions please get in touch with our current President, Angela.  Dues will also be voted on at the November meeting.

Prior to the voting in November there will be a survey to complete.  Angela e-mailed a link to all paid members.  If you didn't receive it please let her know.  This survey needs to be completed by October 26, as items may need to be added to the ballot for by-law amendments. This survey will also help the leadership for 2013 better understand the direction this guild would like to be moving.

In December we have our Deluxe booth on Dec. 8th!  Please see the events page on the private Facebook group to sign up to help.  Shift work is a possibility.  We will need to prepare a hands on activity or two for the young ones.  And we have our Christmas party in the works.  More info to come!

Crys discussed the BOTM for 2013.  If you are interested in creating a 12.5" block, original in design (a "skill" in the block is encouraged but not required) please contact her.  She is currently looking for volunteers for January - March 2013.

Our show and shares consisted of a lot of the Hexie projects begun after last month's English Paper Piecing demo by Jemellia.

Anges Star Quilt in autumn colors with a autumn rainbow zig zag at the top and bottom.  Gray background and binding.
Agnes saw a pattern in a magazine that she wanted to make and then she saw how many pieces she'd have to cut!  HA!  So she altered the size of the stars and the result is STUNNING!  The colors are so vibrant (the dim lighting for the picture didn't do it justice at all).  Everything just shines off of the gray background, and those variegated zig zags...genius.
"Newer" Amanda (yes, we added yet another Amanda at the last meeting so now we have 3) shared this gorgeous English Paper Piecing project.  The use of negative space is genius here, and the bold autumn color palette is drool worthy.  She's lucky it didn't disappear on her before she left!  lol

I am mid project, but this will become part of a Thanksgiving table runner.  The center will be a diamond composed of hexies, and then the right and left ends will each have a hexie flower.

Angela is "this close" to finishing this darling little hexie zipper pouch.  You can't see but my fingers are really close together.  I should have got in closer because everything about it is so meticulous.  And that blue zipper is just grabbing my eye right now...LOVE it!

Emily was able to join us for the meeting!  YAY!  And she shared this Art Student Tote.  It's so nice and roomy.  She's hoping it will make a good project bag.  I'm fairly certain it will!

Jemellia had a couple of things to share, but since we had our hexie projects to share I figured I'd use that one.  She's making a pillow about of this Vintage Modern charm pack.  I don't think anyone will actually be allowed to use the pillow though.  lol  It's too pretty.  (Side note:  I hate that the cabinets are washing out this picture.  I tried everything I could think of to balance the colors more.)

Leslie was a SLACKER ;) and didn't do her hexie project.  But, she made up for it by bringing her Great Grandmother's Grandma's Flower Garden quilt.  It's so fun to see these old quilts.  Especially when you know who made it.  And it's been dearly loved.  Just as a quilt should.

One of our new members, Mandy, shared this darling (1 of 2) baby quilts she's making.  I would have been THRILLED to bits if one of my kids had received this quilt.  This is one lucky baby!

Melissa pulled a Tim Gunn and made it work with this pezzy print quilt.  It was supposed to be a zig zag, but her lovely children disrupted her cutting and it ended up a diagonal stripe quilt.  We all still think it's fabulous, and a happy accident.

Shana is fearless.  This girl is new to sewing and tackles anything and everything she wants to with a DIY attitude.  I  already adore her for that.  She had a bag to share and a sewing kit, but I just love her little Hexie flower that she'll be putting on placemats.  :)  

Well, that's all for this meeting!  Please stay tuned with regards to the Christmas party, and be sure to show up to the November meeting so your voice is heard in the election process!  It's our first one so I hope it will be fun and exciting!

Sew long for now,

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