Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WIP Wednesday

While it's fun to see what quilting projects our guild members are working on, it's also fun to see some of the other projects they're working on as well. This week our members have been working on a variety projects. We're also happy to have some new members sharing their WIPs for the first time!

Stephanie is working on this Stashbuster pattern from Material Obsession 2 with Tula Pink Parisville. I love all these prints mixed together! If you're a fabric junkie lover like me, I'm betting we could all use our stash a little bit more. 

Amanda C. is making this cute little jumper for her daughter for an upcoming photoshoot with the extended family (her husband's parents and siblings and their spouses and offspring). Amanda says she's thinking some big pink buttons for the top...but she thinks it still needs something along the bottom... But not sure what... Any suggestions are welcomed, so please chime in on the Comments below with your ideas! I love those little birdies!

Agnes is working on a ginormous size quilt! In theory, she says it's queen sized, but would fit a king, too. It is a housewarming gift for her friend Isabel, who just moved into a beautiful modern home. Her favorite colors are gray and grey :-), and the request was that it shoud be stark and minimalist. Sooo, she went to Denyse Schmidt for inspiration and picked Bella gray and the grunge gray from Moda. Agnes is thinking about doing something more fancy on the quilting front...maybe?... of course on a long arm frame, because there is no way someone could do this on a home machine!

Aw, Agnes...I think you can do it! Someone once told me to just start in the middle and spin it like a lazy-susan!

This is Cristi's first WIP Wednesday! Cristi was going to show us a quilt but she's too busy trying to paint her soon to be sewing room. So instead, here's a picture of how her dog decided to "help" her. He nosed a full paint pan and dumped it onto the carpet the one spot she hadn't yet put a drop cloth. 

Ugh! I've been there with spilled paint but didn't have a dog to blame it on. Maybe Cristi will get new carpet too..haha!

But, Cristi had done some sewing too, and here is a photo of some 9 patches she's using in a quilt for  her mother-in-law. She's used 6 charm packs of Chateau Rouge by French General for Moda and will be using Faded Red Linen yardage for the sashing.

Mmmm....I'm liking this a LOT!

Andrea is making a quilt with the Fresh Lemons Garden Trellis pattern using leftover Echo prints and Madrona Road text print for the center.  It's another quilt for a cousin who recently got married.  Think she can finish by Saturday?  Yeah, Andrea doesn't think so either!

As I'm gearing up for the season finale of Project Runway I defer to Tim Gunn and say, "Carry on!" and "Make it work, Andrea!"

I wasn't sure what I was looking at first when Melissa sent me this photo. Was there a disaster? Nope, she's just on Fall Break this week and the next, so instead of sewing, she's stripping wallpaper.  This wallpaper is the layer *behind* the first layer that she removed.  Just so you know, fabric softener and water make it so much easier to get the stuff off!

Seriously, what's worse than stripping layers of wallpaper. Here's hoping is goes quickly, Melissa, so you can get back to sewing!

Erin has been sewing for her school's annual auction. This is the 3rd class quilt she's made with her daughter's first grade class.  Each child made a mini quilt with colorful fabric scraps Erin provided.  She then stitched them up and incorporated them into this quilt.  The title of this quilt is "know US by our LOVE" based on the verse from John 13:35.  She says the quilt is still very much a work in progress, but will be finished Sunday night.  Erin's other two class quilts "Olive Tree" and "Heart and Hands" can been seen on her website under her portfolio at  

I LOVE this idea of the kids making the blocks! It's going to be stunning!

I went back to work 2 weeks ago and (sigh) I've hardly sewn a stitch. A couple of us from the guild will be doing some presentations about the guild, so I'm making up some blocks to illustrate and hopefully help answer the question, "What is Modern Quilting?" I think this is a good start.

A big THANK YOU to all our contributors! It's a bland blog without you!

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  1. This is such great work! Everyone is keeping busy and getting lots of sewing done! I'm glad I am not the only one with big expectations and plans. I am going to quilt my cousin's king size wedding quilt on my home machine this weekend, wish me luck!

  2. How fun to have a guild blog. I loved reading through the projects and am especially enamored with the first grade's quilt.

    I am a new follower too.

  3. Great projects...I really enjoyed visiting.

  4. How fun! I wish I lived in an area that had a MQG. Keep up the good work, ladies! Oh, and I have also spilled paint in carpet in the one area I didn't dropcloth cover. I feel Cristi's pain!

  5. Oh, so much inspiration here! Thanks for the fabric love! & the tip on removing wallpaper!


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