Friday, January 18, 2013

Meeting Recap: January 2013

2013 is off to a busy start!

We had our first meeting of 2013 this week and it was jam-packed with information, ideas and projects. Our new meeting place is great! The Neighborhood Alliance on the corner of Classen Blvd. & 36th Street in OKC is a great little building and we're happy to be able to meet there EVERY month. Please mark the second Monday of EVERY month as Guild Meeting Day on your calendar and plan accordingly. (Meaning...don't you dare schedule anything else on that day!) Our guild is growing and we love seeing everyone there!

Let's get the business portion out of the way first:
  1. After much discussion and a vote, the by-laws have been amended to make January 31st of each year the deadline for annual guild dues.
  2. Additionally, if you are a member of our private Facebook group, if you have not paid your dues by January 31st, you will have 2 weeks until you are removed from the group. It sounds harsher than it is, and of course, once you pay your dues, you will be re-approved to the Facebook group. your dues...we like having you around!
  3. After MUCH research and discussion, our next Quilt Show will be October 2014, at the Edmond Arts Institute. There's a lot of excitement about this location, and I'll be the first to say that 2014 seems a long, long way away...but, that just gives us more time to make epic quilts.
  4. Sew Day for guild members is February 2nd. Please see the EVENTS tab on the Facebook page for time, location and to R.S.V.P.
Swap, Swap, Challenge!
That's right, THREE things to possibly participate in at once. And here's where I should make a side note. Please don't feel like you have to participate in EVERYTHING. Sometimes, it's just too much and we certainly don't want to take the fun out of quilting, am I right? So, participate when you can, without guilt. -new motto

Pincushion Swap: Due at the February Meeting
This is the swap that will take place at QuiltCon, but you don't have to be attending QuiltCon to participate in the swap. Please click on the Swaps & Challenges button on the top menu for all the details.

Solid Fat Quarter Swap: Due at the February Meeting
This is a great way to diversify your stash! Each participant will purchase 3 yards of the same solid fabric (no blenders) and cut it into 12 fat quarters. For more details about this swap and how to cut fat quarters, please visit Swaps & Challenges on the top menu.

Madrona Road Challenge: Due at the April Meeting
There are still a few spots, so email us (or Jemellia directly) to sign-up!

The rules are simple:
  1. Make a mini quilt with the fat eight bundle of Madrona Road that we provide (thanks to Michael Miller Fabrics!). 
  2. You may add more Madrona Road prints, and/or you can add solids. No other prints from any other line.
  3. Mini quilts are due at the April meeting.
  4. If you sign-up, please produce a mini-quilt! They are yours to keep, but we will need to take pictures and send them to The Modern Quilt Guild and Michael Miller Fabrics.
  5. In a quilt show, a mini quilt's longest side does not exceed 24 inches, so feel free to adhere to that standard.
You are welcome to post your completed quilt in the MQG Madrona Road Challenge Flickr group and on our Flickr page.

And finally....Show & Share!

Mary's amazing quilting of negative space.

Jemellia's birthday skirt for her daughter.

Elizabeth's version of our January Block-of-the-Month.

A cupcake bag and table protector for Shana to do her nails on.

Emily's tote bag for her yoga mat.

A gazillion hand-sewn hexies by Stephanie.

Kristine was gathering a ruffle to sew on this skirt during the meeting.

Andrea's Haiti quilt that holds personal meaning and will be donated to her church.

Whew, I'm exhausted. Good job ladies!

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