Friday, January 11, 2013

Group Quilt for QuiltCon

Congratulations to us! The group quilt we made and submitted for the QuiltCon Quilt Show was accepted! We'll see this quilt hanging in Austin, Texas in February! We couldn't be more excited! And I'm not sure I could use any more exclamation marks than I already have!

First Row:  Angela Chard, Kristine Palmer, Angelina Seha, Melissa Sullivan
Second Row:  Agnes Stadler, Angelina Seha, Amanda Lipscomb, Andrea Berryhill
Third Row: Erin Jeffries, Amanda Robbins, Stephanie York, Trina Kubicki 
Fourth Row:  Jemellia Hilfiger, Amanda Lipscomb, Robin Oxenford, Cornelia Lambert 
Fifth Row:  Crystal Davis, Leslie Lamb, Betty Johnson, Kristine Palmer
OKC Block by Angelina Seha

For our quilt, several of us made a block (or two). The brilliance, I think, was in the planning of this quilt. If you ever find yourself in charge of a similar project, here's a great tip:

We were each given the fabric we were to use for our 12" (finished) block. The brilliance came into play when we were NOT given the same exact fabrics. For instance, I only received green, gray, orange and off-white. Others received aqua, charcoal, green and orange...or other variations. This great idea facilitated a scattering of colors and blocks that "coordinate" with out seeming "match-matchy". And I love the use of subtlety by those who received two shades of green!

Zipper block by Agnes Stadler
All those seemingly odd shapes on the back are actually the initials of all the participants using Tula Pink's Modern Alphabet.

HUGE THANKS to Jemellia Hilfiger for sewing the blocks together, piecing the back, quilting it AND putting on the binding; and to all those who participated! And we couldn't forget a BIG THANKS to one of our local quilt shops, Oklahoma Quiltworks, for giving us a discount on the fabric and to Michael Miller Fabrics for providing all our participants with a Michael Miller Cotton Couture Color Card. It's divine.

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