Sunday, September 15, 2013

September 2013 Meeting

It's an amazing thing being a part of a fairly new guild.  It's interesting to see the group wade it's way through the waters of how do we organize the varying aspects of the guild.  Our group is excitedly growing quickly, and with that are the need for a few big and small changes to the bylaws.  September's meeting focused on the bigger changes.

Much discussion was held on the roles of current board members.  How can they best serve the guild, and how can we continue to spread out the responsibilities, so that no one position becomes overwhelming.  Therefore, it was decided that two new board member positions would be added!  We're thrilled at the roll they will take on, and there will be committees added to support these new board members in their endeavors.

The two new board positions are Communications Director and Programs Director.  Communications will oversee the Social Media Committee and "print" items such as the monthly newsletter.  Programs director will work with guild members to organize and schedule workshops, speakers, and our presentations for other area guilds.  These are all fairly large jobs, and we want to make a point of including guild members in all of these activities so that the load is not falling on one person alone.  If you are interested in being Communications Director or Programs Director and helping us shape these roles (or maybe one of the other board positions - President, Vice President, Committee Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary) please contact Jemellia so she can add you to the ballot for our November 2014 Elections Meeting.

In addition to bylaws we discussed our small pouch swap that is due next month and our upcoming workshop and speaking engagement with Lisa Calle in October.  An email is forthcoming about the details and sign ups for the Improv Curves Workshop she will be having for us.

And of course we wanted to make sure to have some time for a little show and share!!!  The end of the year is so hard with so much business to attend to.  So here we have Ann sharing her "Comma" chevron quilt that just knocks it out of the park:

 Agnes revealed the renovated OKC Modern Quilt Guild banner!  Way to go Agnes...the letters really pop now!!!  Thanks so much for your dedication to this undertaking!
 Agnes also shared this summery bandana quilt!  Fabulous!
 And Mandy, who is in love with the new "Waterfront" line showed off this double zipper pouch.  Nicely done, Mandy.  Nicely done!
We look forward to all of the fun the October meeting will bring with our first guest speaker and our first workshop!  :)  Stay tuned for all of the fun...!

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