Monday, September 2, 2013

September Block-of-the-Month

Summer is quickly coming to an end and so is our Block-of-the-Month.  If you've fallen behind with your blocks, now's a great time to get back into the swing of things with school back in session.  Even with my son out of school, September always feels like a time to get reorganized and back in the groove.

September's block is present to us by Melissa!  (I have this quilt on my Pinterest board, so I'm happy to see how to make it!)

Mad as a Hatter

This is the Mad as a Hatter block from Elaine at Messy Goat.  

For easy to print instructions: Click HERE.

Cutting It Out:
Materials needed are:
Light solid (white)
Bright solids (4 different colors)

To make this block, you will actually have to make four blocks to get the combination.

1.  From the black and white fabric:
Begin by cutting two 6.5 inch squares from black and two 6.5 inch squares from white.

2.  Next cut a 3.5 inch WOF (width of fabric) from each black and white, then sub-cut four 13.5 inch pieces and four 7.5 inch pieces.

3.  From the various colors:
Cut a 1 inch WOF strip of each color, then sub-cut two 6.5 inch pieces and two 7.5 inch pieces.  Do this for all four various colors.

Piecing Instructions

1.  Begin by sewing two 6.5 inch strips to each side of the solid squares, use a ¼ inch seam allowance and press seams open.

2.  Next, sew the 7.5 inch strips to the squares with the same color.

3.  After this, you are going to sew the 7.5 inch pieces of the OPPOSITE color to the outsides of the bright colors.  For instance, if the block has white inside, you will sew black around the outside.  After this, you will sew the 13.5 inch strips to the remaining sides of the block.
4.  Now we will do a ‘wonky cut’.  On each corner of the blocks, you will need to measure five inches in from the bottom right corner.  Mark with a very small dot at the bottom.  Rotate your blocks and repeat so that all four sides will have a mark.  Do this for all four blocks.  

5.  Next you will use your rotary cutter and ruler.  Match the edges of your ruler to the small dots.  You will see that your ruler is going slightly to the left.  Use your rotary cutter and cut along your ruler.  Be careful to keep everything in place and rotate your cutting mat so that you can make your next cut.  Below is what your block will look like after making two cuts.

6.  Now you will take one piece from each block, making sure that you alternate black and white being on the inside/outside.  Pin carefully, so that all seams will match up and sew the block together.  Press your seams open and trim to 12.5 inches square.

Join us in October for out last block.  We're almost there!

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