Saturday, January 17, 2015

Meeting Recap - January 2015

I love the start of a brand new year.  It's so full of possibilities and fresh starts, and the guild is no different.  Our new board is full of fun and exciting ideas and we look forward to participating in all of the excitement in 2015!  The 2015 Winter Quilt Show was a success, thanks to the thoughtful planning of our new President, Shirlene, and we were happy to see so many new faces at our very first meeting.  A big thank you to everyone who helped with the quilt display and those who manned our booth.

In November of 2014 Agnes, one of our wonderful members who hails from Hungary, took an OKCMQG mini quilt exhibit to Budapest.  She not only organized the show, with the help of a friend "back home", but she also put on workshops for those interested in learning more about the Modern Quilting movement.  The show was a huge success and even inspired the formation of a new MQG branch in Hungary.  We're so excited that have found a passion for this art form that we love so much and look forward to keeping up with what they accomplish as a guild.

Of course we're always excited to share our work with each other here in Oklahoma and this meeting was no different.  We got the ball rolling with Shirlene showing off our new guild banner (for display at shows and exhibits) designed and quilted by our very own Leslie Lamb.  She used a mix of techniques from Angela Walters and a new book about Graffiti quilting.  The result is very modern and stunning!  Thanks so much for working so hard on this Leslie!

Next up I shared a Swoon Pillow I made for my son.
Cyndi just moved here from New Jersey to be closer to her grand baby and is making this Comma quilt to hang on her wall.  So many of our guild members are big fans of the "Comma" line so we know Cyndi will fit right in!
Angie has been hard at work on swap projects and designing paper piecing patterns.  They're so stinking cute and had everyone of us oohing and ahhing over her work.

Pattern/Tutorial "Fractured Pervalong" from the blog Displacement Activity.
Kathy is also new to the guild and she shared her "Aurora" quilt which was inspired by the Aurora Borealis on a trip she took to Alaska.  I like the unique shape and the addition of some sparkle.
Karen, who is rejoining us after a hiatus, shared a bag of her own design for a pattern she has created.  It is an exercise in zipper installation and pocket styles which is definitely something I know I could use.  Zippers can be so intimidating sometimes, can't they?
Beth shared a neat wallet she made with the Melody Miller Typewriter fabric I think we can all agree is amazing.  And then on top of that she quilted up a couple of her friend's fish appliqué quilts.  Seriously nice friend and the quilting turned out lovely.

Trish visited with us and shared her modern take on T-shirt quilts.  It was so nice to see her again after meeting her briefly during the end of our November quilt show.  She also shared what she has termed "Photographic Reproduction" on the back of the T-shirt quilt.  I think she left us all with our mouths hanging open in amazement.

Ellen made this quilt for her niece.  Being a kind aunt she allowed her niece to choose the fabrics for the quilt, and talked a little bit about the flexibility of batiks when working with unique color combinations.
And last but not least, Melissa shared with us her take on the cute Hedgehog quilt (pattern by Elizabeth Hartman).  This quilt was a massive hit at the Winter Quilt Show this month, and Melissa's take on the pattern is definitely worthy of all of the attention it is receiving.  Who couldn't love those little hedgehogs?!
Thanks so much for sharing all of your talent with us ladies!  We look forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting.  February will be our "welcome" meeting where we hope to share a little bit about the guild with visitors and new members, and I believe Melissa will be announcing the roll out of our new Charity project.  See you soon lovely quilty people!

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