Sunday, August 2, 2015

Flaunt Your Finish: July 2015

I had the great opportunity to visit the Norman Area Quilters Guild this month and give a presentation on modern quilting. I took about 20+ amazing modern quilts graciously loaned to me by several of our members. Our Guild president, Shirlene, came with me and we had a great time!

After a presentation, I love when it comes time for Show & Share and I hear an audience member excitedly point out an aspect of a quilt being shown as 'modern'. Of course, there was that one time at another 'traditional' guild when a woman gave a slight gasp and said, "I'm modern?!", like it was a bag thing. I think we quilters crossover back and forth between 'modern' and 'traditional' more than we realize.

Here are some projects our members finished this month. If you completed a project in July, please link it up below!

Agnes' obsession of the month has been succulents! She made several of Amanda Castor's patterns into a variety of pillows...and still has a tote bag in the pipeline! Agnes just can't get enough of these cute plants!

Agnes also totally fell for this new fabric called Kraft Tex: not quite paper, but once washed, it is a lot like leather or fabric....endless possibilities! 

Agnes is still experimenting, but so far she has made a folding wallet and a zip pencil case adorned with Japanese candy wrappers.

This next quilt was originally Bonnie Hunter’s Easy Street mystery a few years ago. Brigitte made a few units each week as the clues were released. Unfortunately, she didn’t like the final quilt when it was revealed it so she put it all up and walked away. A few months ago, a group Brigitte stitches with on the quilt forum started a ‘Nesting Robin’. Unlike a traditional round robin, they chose their center and applied each round themselves to their own quilt based on the challenge presented by their leader. Brigitte didn’t do the last two rounds as she chose to stop with a baby quilt. The quilt was for a friend of her husband, so he insisted on a pink camo backing…Not her first choice, she says, but it’s cute and she hopes little Isabella Grayce likes it…

For Robyn, this TieDyeDiva peasant dress has quickly become her go-to pattern for baby gifts. This one is for Robyn's niece who turned 1 year old in April. She used Oragami Oasis fabric by Michael Miller and skipped the ruffled bottom this time.

Cassie's brother and sister-in-law have three boys and they are moving into a new house...  Amber (the sis-in-law) does not sew and said she's always been in love with triangle quilts...and could Cassie make one for their middle sons new room?  Of course!  Cassie had always wanted to make one and now she's hooked!

Here's a Life Lesson from Trina: Don't let your kid pick the quilt pattern! Trina's oldest son wanted the gigantic foxes (currently at the quilters) and of course little brother wanted foxes as well. But he wanted ALL of them. 80 to be exact. Trina used Cotton & Steel fabric for the faces on a Kona Cotton Coal background. It is backed and bound with delicious Kona Moss.

Ann's grandson moves into his next level class soon and needed a kindergartner-style nap mat cover. He and his mom picked out three great little fabrics at Oklahoma Quiltworks, and then Ann added some gray minky. She pretty much eye-balled a pattern from other photos she’d seen while researching covers. Ann had very little remaining from the quilting cottons. Close call!

This is Ann's little man testing out the results. I think it passed!

Flaunt your July finish by linking up below!

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