Sunday, October 30, 2016

Melissa Averinos Recap

We were so lucky to be able to host Melissa Averinos in October for a workshop and a lecture at our general meeting!

Participants learned about the ratios and structure of faces, sketching the first half of the workshop then getting to use fabric scraps to construct faces for the second half.


I'd say we all came a long way and were able to put together entirely unique and artistic faces. Melissa is a great teacher, and we all learned new ways to think about using fabric as color on a palette. If you get the chance to have Melissa as a teacher, do it!

Then at our monthly meeting, we had a special event with Melissa lecturing to us on her journey as an artist, including what it meant to her, what it has brought her through, and where it is leading her next.

It is good to be reminded that quilting is an art, and it can be deeply meaningful emotionally to us. Also Melissa reminded us to take time to throw caution to the wind, try new things, and take chances artistically and in technique.

Thank YOU for joining us, Melissa! I hope your journeys lead you back to us again soon!

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