2014 Show

OKC Modern Quilt Guild - "Defining Modern" 2014 Show

When:   OPENING NIGHT: October 2, 2014
               Show will run thru October 30th.
Where:  Edmond Fine Arts Institute
               27 E. Edwards
               Edmond, OK  73034

Submissions Information:
*Quilts must be no larger than 54" x 70" when finished.  Minis need to be 24" in size or smaller.

You can download a copy of the submissions form here.

Send all completed submissions forms to:  okcmqgshow@gmail.com

Quilts must be submitted by Wednesday, September 10th.  You may enter two quilts only and they must be in different categories.  A form will be e-mailed to all members that will need to be e-mailed back to the Submissions Committee along with 3 photographs of your quilt by the September 10 deadline:

- one of the front
- one of the back
- one detail shot of your choosing

You will need to complete one form per quilt entry.

When you submit your quilt you will be agreeing to having your quilt on display for the entire month of October.

Categories for Submission:  

Mini Quilts - 24" in size or less (modern or modern traditional in design)
- Modern - This quilt must appear thoroughly modern in design.  Please see the Modern Quilt Guild's Definition of Modern if you are unsure of what this looks like.
- Modern Traditionalism - Traditional quilt blocks with a modern twist (either in color, scale, layout, etc.)
- Bee Quilts - Gather a small group and work together on a quilt.  All participants in the quilt must be guild members and the quilt must be modern or modern traditional in design.
- Pillows - A modern or modern traditional pillow for display.

* Group Challenge - Due:  Monday, September 8th.  Everyone is invited to participate in this project by making 1-2 modern flags in a design of your choosing, using the Vancouver MQG tutorial for assembly of the project.  Please use the color palette provided below (don't use the one Vancouver MQG provided in their tutorial). Both prints and solids are welcome, as long as the fabric you use "reads" as one of these colors.  In addition to the provided palette you may include white neutrals such as white, snow, bone, etc.

All color names are from the Kona Color Card, but any print or solid in these colors are welcome.

You can find the tutorial for the bunting/flags here:  http://vancouvermodernquiltguild.ca/blog/2013/04/to-boston-with-love/  

Final dimensions for a flag are 6" x 8".

We will also be asking for some smaller items for the night of our opening, but those will not remain at the venue beyond that one night.

A few guidelines to consider:

 Please stick to the maximum size requirements.  Our space is very limited and quilts submitted that are over 54"x 70" will automatically be disqualified.
2.  Make sure your quilt follows the requirements for the category in which you are submitting it.
3.  Quilts may not have been used in a previous OKCMQG "Defining Modern Show" (with the exception of the OKC Winter Quilt Show).
4.  Please refrain from submitting quilts with overtly religious themes.
5.  Quilts must be in a completed state in order to submit them.  That means it must be quilted with binding on in order to be submitted.
6.  There has been a change.  Rod pockets are no longer a requirement for any quilts due to the display devices we are required to use.

Because space is limited, submitted quilts are not guaranteed a spot in the show.  If we find ourselves in a position in which we have an over abundance of submissions precedence will be given to quilts that most reflect the modern aesthetic, and then to active members.

You may have your quilt up for sale.  25% of that sale will go to Edmond FAI (FAI will add the local tax of 8.25% and pay the Oklahoma Tax Commission), and another 10% will go to the Guild.  Please price your quilt accordingly.

If you have any questions please contact one of the following Show Coordinators:

Amanda Lipscomb - Show Organizer
Mandy Suellentrop - Submissions Coordinator
Leslie Lamb - Graphics Coordinator


  1. Can't wait for your quilt show. Would you like to have a Bed Turning of OK historic quilts during your Open House. I'm giving away 150 antique and 500 small art quilts to feed needy children. Would love to help publicize your event & help kick it off in a grandiose manner. Thanks, Judy Howard 405-751-3885

  2. Would love to do an antique quilt bed turning on two 6’ tables with 100% going to food charity of your choice to feed needy children. It’s great goodwill , community outreach and you’ll get terrific free publicity from newspapers & TV. Surely you can spare a 6’ area to help feed needy children. And some blank wall space perhaps to display more new or antique quilts for charity.

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your great show. Blessings, Judy Howard www.BuckboardQuilts.com 405-751-3885


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