Friday, May 25, 2012

Finish Up Friday

Finish Up Friday is here!
Our Habitat Quilt is FINISHED!  
Guest posting about this quilt is Erin Jeffries:

Habitat Quilt: I LOVE the eclectic charm of the quilt top and the strikingly beautiful and simple back.  

About: This is a Kona solid challenge quilt that the ladies and I from the OKC Modern Quilt Guild made.  Basically 13 ladies all made a few blocks for the front using only solid fabric with the “habitat” fabric from a new line my Jay McCarroll.  I suggested “X & +” blocks for the top.  We (Erin, Angela, Stephanie, and Kristine) then pieced the top together in one day at my house.  (Can you spot the blocks YOU made?) :)  Later that day we pinned the quilt together to get it sandwiched and ready to quilt.  

I love how each block is unique and the solids everyone chose to use were different too.  I then created the back for the quilt.  My inspiration for the back was a “filmstrip” design with the habitat fabric and a few of the solids.  So far so good.  I thought the background fabric should be a Kona gray.  But I noticed in my stash I didn't have enough of any of my kona grays.  So, Stephanie and I decided to use three!  We then needed to make the filmstrip wide enough to have the back be big enough for the quilt top due to my limited gray fabrics.  So, I had the idea of adding a coordinating solid to either side of our habitat fabrics.  The letters were appliqued from the 9 habitat fabrics onto the gray backing.  It reads “OKC SEW MOD” standing for OKC, so and SEW are play on words, and MOD stands for Modern.  The font we picked was the one everyone voted yes on.  For the binding I picked the "drop cloth" fabric along the right side of the quilt.  I looks really cool and different as it goes around the quilt edge.  I free motion quilted it using the blocks on the quilt front as a grid.  I quilted it in a “clementine” or “cathedral window” pattern with gray thread.  I added a “filmstrip” flare to the binding in pink and green if you can spot it!  

Thanks ladies for coming together on this group project and making this a beautiful quilt!  

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