Thursday, May 17, 2012

May OKCMQG Meeting

Last Saturday, May 12, we finally had a meeting.  Last month it was cancelled due to possible tornadoes. A few of our members were very lucky as one touched down close to their homes and places of work.  EEK!  We now have a standing rule that if you are in the area of a tornado you better get on Facebook and let us know you're okay!!!

But, anyway, we had our meeting.  We had a lot of show business to discuss, and the ball is definitely rolling.  Leslie brought our flyers to hand out and some lovely posters.  It's full steam ahead on this thing now.  No turning back.  Submissions have come and gone, and now I look forward to seeing what is chosen.  :)  Looks like display options are limited as well, which I think actually works in our favor.

We also talked about some blog stuff...limiting ourselves to one WIP post a month, and a Finish Up Friday post will be introduced...maybe next month.  We'll continue with our Coffee Talk that will be coming next week.

Then of course we had some time to share our WIPs and Finished works.

(Pardon the lack of editing.  But, things are just busy busy busy around here this week.)

Here I am...HELLO!...with my first English Paper Pieced project.  I am beyond proud of this thing, and I'm sure the other guild members are just flat out sick of hearing about it now.  But, fun, and it looks great hanging up on my wall.

This is Angelina's work.  That chocolate brown was the PERFECT choice.  So autumnal.  Makes me want to bob for apples!  :)  Really's stunning.  And the back isn't too shabby either...

Jemellia is working on a little dresden mug rug (I think it's as mug rug...I need to start writing down what people are saying.) for a Mother's Day gift.  :)  Darling!

Stephanie made this from left over charms she had.  WOW!!!  Seriously.  I just love this.  The hand stitching is done to look like a wood grain.  Seriously...I could go on and on about how I love these colors, the quilting, the layout....  Okay.  I'll stop myself now...except the back is as lovely as the front... 
 Ladies in our guild really know how to make browns work for them!!!  They keep them rich instead of falling flat which seems to happen so often.

Crystal made these neat hexagons by fussy cutting some striped fabric.  I think she has a tutorial coming up for the blog for this.  YAY!  I'm eager to see what the finally layout of the quilt is, and I like that she pieced the backing in hexagons as well.

Kristine made this sweet cathedral window pillow for the swap we had a while back.  So lovely.  It has a serene feel to it.  They look so perfect too, don't they?!  Jealous!!!

Leslie is just showing off now.  I mean seriously...this woman is never lacking for ideas.  A plaid houndstooth.   It just rocks!

And in the cuteness category we have Robin's Star Wars quilt.  That little baby is one lucky kid!!!  It's even cuter in person, and everyone was quite impressed.  :)

Well, that's it for this meeting.  Our quilt show is on June 8.  Info is on the right hand side of the blog.  Hope you'll come out and see us, or our quilts rather.  :)  Can't wait to get some pictures of the show!!!!

Sew long for now,

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