Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Meeting Recap: September 2014

When I first started quilting, I finally mustered up the courage to post a quilt in an online quilt festival. I posted it and commented that I felt I was cheating because I hadn't quilted it all on my own, my mother had helped. Since then I've learned: Heck no, you don't have to do it all yourself!

I love learning from other guild members and this month we were fortunate to hear from Jana Hernandez of Peace by Piece Quilting. Jana is a professional long-arm quilter and she shared many ideas with us on what to expect and how to talk to your long-arm quilter. She talked about the nitty-gritty: cost, how cost is calculated, supplies needed, how to prepare your quilt, etc...

but she also showed us some fantastic samples of her quilting!

You can't really see the quilting in this photo, but you can trust me when I say it's awesome.

Jana also did the quilting on this quilt that we'll be raffling off next month. Again, the photo does not do it justice. (Check back for details on how to enter our raffle to win.)

Thanks so much Jana for sharing your talent and expertise with us! 

Show and share isn't just a time to show off finished projects, we also like to see projects still in the works. 

First up is Amanda. She shared her oversized block quilt she's been working on. She's hand-quilting chunky colorful stitches with Perle cotton. 

We had a few visitors and several new members. Beth was wearing a visitor badge when she showed us this fantastic mini-quilt. We're hoping to see her again.

Ellen's cute and colorful modern baby quilt just needs the binding stitched down and it'll be ready for delivery! She going to take a little trip and deliver it in person. Don't you love giving a quilt in person!?

Shirlene learned a new skill: towel embossing! I had no idea. This is her bowling towel. inter-guild bowling league?

You may have seen tessellation quilts around the web. Marie showed us her version and we loved it!

Kristine brought the bag she made for the Michael Miller Fabric Challenge. We shared her photo of it in THIS POST, but we always like to see things in person. I love her straight-line quilting!

Kristine also made a couple banners that we'll be hanging at our October Quilt Show.

Robyn made these banners as well. The star is a nod to the quilt she was making when her daughter was born!

Quilters are a giving bunch, as Robyn has made this quilt for her niece.

Laura should get some sort of prize. She's the only one (that we're aware of) that completed a quilt with our 2013 Block-of-the-Month. She loved that bottom left-hand corner block so much...

that she made a whole quilt using that block! I love how different blocks can look with just a change of fabric.

and....Laura whipped up a cute dress for her granddaughter.

Melissa made this over-whale-mingly cute quilt (sorry, I couldn't resist!) It's Elizabeth Hartman's Preppy the Whale Pattern and there's just no denying how cute and whimsical it is.

Cameron whipped up a couple more banners for the Quilt Show. And I mean, whipped up. Like... 30 minutes before the meeting!

We're excited to be presenting a quilt show in Budapest, Hungary in November. Initially, I wanted to wait and show all the entries in one post, but we bring what we're doing to Show & Share, so I've decided they're just too good to keep.

First up is Bri, who sent me this photo for last month's Flaunt Your Finish. Sorry, Bri. Changed my mind again.... Bri used Aria Lane’s Crossknot pattern and modified it a bit to work with the bright scraps she wanted to use and to keep it small enough for the Budapest show.  He daughter suggested the quilting, and Bri thinks it really makes it pop.  She named it City Scapes as it reminds her of a city skyline.

Shirlene's mini of triangles. I always love a mix of blues and greens.

More blues and greens in Karen's quilt. she said some mumbo-jumbo about this one not be quite right (I love it!)...

and made another one! She looks happy with this one!

Kate's modern mini. Look at her straight-line quilting. She has portions that are quilted in different directions and, you know, that just makes it even cooler.

Regina wanted to do something simple and sparse for her Budapest entry. This one is called Sea Glass. Oh, how I wish we could all be in Budapest to see the reaction to these quilts. We'll share all the projects from the show at a later time.

BIG THANKS to everyone for another great meeting!

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