Anna's House

Anna's House Foundation is a community of several homes in Luther, Oklahoma dedicated to providing foster children with a stable and nurturing home environment until a more permanent/long term foster or kinship placement can be found.  This unique community serves as an alternative to the continuously over crowded shelter system and the high probability of multiple moves. The OKCMQG is committed to providing a quilt to each child upon their arrival to the community. As most kids arrive with very little, these quilts will belong to each child and provide warmth and comfort to them wherever they may go.

Quilt guidelines:
  • No larger than 45" x 60".
  • Modern aesthetic.
  • Please apply binding by machine, these quilts will be well-loved!
  • Something you would be proud to give your own child or grandchild.
Please give your quilts to Melissa Sullivan.


  1. I have a crib sized quilt. Would that work? It is about 36" by 45". Is that big enough?

  2. Hi, my mema has some quilt scraps she wants to donate. Do you know of anyone who might want them? My cell number is 8085571289 or you can call us at the house at 405 5249574
    Thank you,


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